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About Us

SOUTHEAST EVANSTON PARENTS ASSOCIATION (SEPA) was founded in August 1996, by a group of mostly single low-income parents wanting to make a difference in their lives and lives of their children, and the Evanston community. Later we expanded to other area north of Chicago in 2010 we relocated to Lake County where we now resided and support families here in Lake County Illinois. This a non-for-profit grassroots organization determined to challenge parents, schools and their local government. They did this by going to PTA, School Board, City Council and Neighborhood meetings. By developing partnerships with the school, Police Department, Churches, City Officials and many community organizations. We also Challenge the parents to attend these meetings and forums and come back to SEPA's workshop and discuss what they heard and give their opinion in our forum so when they attend other they will be comfortable to speak in their Own Voice. In return we plan family trips dinners and seasonal parties with gift give away. Over the years we have expanded Our boundaries to include parents wanting make a difference in the life of their child(ren).

Southeast Evanston Parents Association (“SEPA) today is a grassroots non-for-profit organization made up of adults concerned about families in the community. SEPA’s mission is to ensure that families can have a happy Christmas with toys and gifts for their children. SEPA’s purpose is to render aid to poor students, including supply of books and other materials. Additionally, SEPA plans to provide training and support for parents of students in the community to help the students thrive in school. This help will come in the form of training seminars to assist parents in becoming involved in their children’s education; in creating a conducive learning environment at home; training seminars to help parents learn how to help their children in their studies; and help to families to prevent any obstacles in the home that could deter from the child’s learning. .


31 Wellington Ave

Mundelein, IL 60060


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