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                                                  Meet Kayla Norris
Hi, my name is Kayla Norris and I have been accepted as a Student Ambassador for People to People.  In the summer of 2012, I will be traveling to France, Italy and Greece for 20 days! I will first be traveling to Paris where I will be able to visit the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and taste French delicacies.  I will then board an overnight train to Venice, Italy.  I will be able to ride in a Venetian gondola through the canals of Italy! I will meet local dignitaries, a monk or nun, and stay in a guesthouse.  I’ll then be traveling to Florence Italy where I get to rappel down a castle wall.  I will also be honoring the World War II heroes at the American Cemetery and Memorial.  Next I’ll be visiting Rome, where I’ll be stepping back into ancient times and exploring the Roman Colosseum. I’ll also be visiting the Vatican.  On other days, I’ll be visiting Naples, and Bari, Italy.  Once in Bari, I’ll be taking an overnight ferry to Patras Greece.  Once in Greece, I’ll be visiting the cities of Olympia, Epidaurus, Aegina and ending my trip in Athens.  In Greece, I get to swim in the Aegean Sea, learn to dance like the local Greeks and give back to the local community by lending a hand to a service project protecting sea turtles.  As you can see, I’ll be doing many educational activities visiting these three different countries.  What an exciting adventure!
To be able to explore these countries I will need some help from you.  I need to raise $6500 by May 1.  It does seem like a lot, but I have monthly goals.  In November and December I will need to raise $500 each month. Then in February, March and April I will need to raise a $1000.00 a month, and finally in May pay the remaining $2500.00. 
Just to give you some information about me, I am currently in 8 grade.  I’ve been an honor roll student all three years in junior high, and even received the Presidential Award in 5 grade.  I am involved in my community by being involved in the Junior Police Academy for the past 3 years, community service club at my school and student counsel.  I’m also on the year book committee and in cheerleading. 
What I hope to gain from serving as a delegate with People to People is many different things.  Some of which is to have a firsthand experience of learning about different cultures.  This will include their language, their foods, their political system and their architecture.  In addition, it will also look really good on my college applications!  So, if you are able to, please help me achieve my goal and help support me in this adventure.  Thank you in advance for your support!
Kayla M. Norris
From SEPA's Board, Kayla Norris has volunteered with organization in many venture and if you see our slide show you'll see her working as Santa's Helper, she don't childcare helped with Flyering, bagging toys for the families in need. She has also volunteered at  th "City of Evanston Mayor's Youth Summer Job Employment Workshop." for a few years.
 Kayla has supported SEPA for many years nopw it's time SEPA support Kayla's adventure you can help by making a check payable to SEPA. Put Kayla in memo and we will direct payment to her. This donation is tax deductible according to law. Thank you.